Jutti Bela by Bela & Co is a luxury footwear brand based in South Africa. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the luxury shoe market by melding both eastern and western influences into our designs. We wanted to honour our culture, while not ignoring western influences. Our shoes are designed for people who love beauty, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship, regardless of cultural origin.
We think that our footwear is too beautiful to be limited for only a handful of formal events. Our shoes are made to be wearable every day because art should be celebrated – even when it’s ‘just’ a pair of shoes.

Because it’s not ‘just’ a pair of shoes for us. It’s about comfort, quality and style. It’s about time and effort. It’s about aesthetics and fashion. It’s about the little things – the work of a master embroiderer, the inclusion of butter-soft, genuine leather, and the finest beads in exquisite detail. 


Our range is a constant work-in-progress. We are always looking for inspiration in the world around us, from fashion and travel to art and nature. We work closely with a carefully selected team of artisanal experts in India. Together, we work on each pair of our shoes until we are all completely satisfied. It’s a labour of love and time.


While working from a look-book would probably be faster, we prefer to design each and every pair of our shoes from scratch. Each pair begins with a blank sheet of paper. We ask our customers what they want to see. We then select our fabrics, beading, embroidery and embellishments, working back-and-forth with our artisans. Upon delivery from India, we do further quality checks before carefully packaging each pair by hand. Our tiny team is hands-on from start to finish – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have worked extremely hard to produce these unique works of art that you see in our shop. Each pair is testament to quality materials, time and expertise. Each pair is handmade with love. Each pair has a story. And each of our customers helps us to tell it.
Thank you.

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