She is a traveller,
a sister, a soul mate and a best friend. No matter which part of this beautiful earth our yearning for wanderlust and exploration takes us to, we will always hold space and gratitude for our bond with each other, and where we have come from.

A collaboration of three sisters, each different, yet connected by family and love.

Each shoe in this collection has been designed by us, with every attention taken to the detail of the piece. Every glass gem, golden thread, and sequin has been selected in the perfect shade and size. This has been a year long labour of love, and together with Jutti Bela, we are proud of the final products. Style, comfort, versatility, and slow, purposeful fashion- these were our top priorities when creating this collection. We hope one of these shoes (or even all three!) will find a home with you.

Each shoe is a treasured and timeless classic piece, that can be taken from day to nightwear. Jutti Bela has ensured that their craftsmen have used the finest and softest ethically sourced leather inners and soft-comfort cushioning to allow you to walk a thousand steps in search of your own adventure and wanderlust.

Our jutti storage bags are made from well used cotton, cotton-blend and satin silk sarees. Each saree is over 30 years old and belonged to the strong women who raised us, the elders in our family; including our mum, who didn’t know what to do with some of these pieces, but knew that they were too special to discard. We decided to repurpose them- here, and together with JB, we have created the best way for you to store your Musafir pieces.

The juttis are protected from dust / damage to the delicate work on them, and these shoe bags make for the perfect travel companion, so your juttis can accompany you in all your travels. The bags are proudly made in Durban, using a small- business of seamstresses.

Kajal, Kashmir & Khinali

Indian Safari

The first of its kind for Jutti Bela, Kajal has created a traditional Kolhapuri chappal with a sophisticated twist. Taking inspiration from India’s vast Royal Safari palaces, Kajal created the most versatile summer piece of the collection. Paying homage to the royal cats of the animal kingdom, this chappal boasts a discrete ode to their gorgeous fur coat in a subtle animal print, whilst surrounded by lotus flowers and hand embroidered bougainvillea.

Kajal's Kolhapuri features 12 hours of hand embroidery and each pair has an average of 166 mirrors - luxury and comfort tied into one.

Turkish Delight

The Turkish Delight is elegantly wrapped in a soft brocade fabric interwoven with golden threads, to add a regal feel. The back is wrapped in a rich purple silk and is finished off with strings of glass beads, another ode to the art and history of this beautiful and culturally soaked land.

Each jewel on the front has been carefully placed to catch as much light as possible, and to glisten as you take a step. The fabric’s design takes inspiration from traditional Turkish glass lanterns and decorations of the sultan’s palaces of yesteryear.

Candy Crush

Khinali's jutti is a funfetti feast for the eyes! It represents all things light, playful, and oh so stylish. Created with the image of the famous 7 Pink Beaches of the World, the playful colors, which have been carefully selected, make this jutti easy to style. With a backdrop of pink cotton silk, Candy Crush embodies mystery and intrigue of Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda. The shades of the sequins and resham thread work polka dots are a burst of colour, making it the perfect statement piece to dress up or down.

Comfort, quality and style drive Jutti Bela’s focus, resulting in juttis that are gorgeously wearable any time and any day. Our footwear is synonymous with individual attention, hand-embroidery and genuine leather.

The utmost care goes into the creation of every pair of juttis, from the placement of the gems and embroidery to the fabric selection, and this could not be more true than with our Musafir Collection.

Our artisans embroidered and beaded each and every pair of this collection by hand. From start to finish, these pieces did not encounter a machine - only craftsmen and women who love what they do. Each masterpiece in the Musafir collection took our artisans an average of 13 hours to create – it really has been a labour of love. Each pair is also made from the finest quality genuine leather with double padding for added comfort.