Turkish Delight

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The Turkish Delight is elegantly wrapped in a soft brocade fabric interwoven with golden threads, to add a regal feel. The back is wrapped in a rich purple silk and is finished off with strings of glass beads, another ode to the art and history of this beautiful and culturally soaked land.

Each jewel on the front has been carefully placed to catch as much light as possible, and to glisten as you take a step. The fabric’s design takes inspiration from traditional Turkish glass lanterns and decorations of the sultan’s palaces of yesteryear.

All of our juttis are made from genuine leather, have double-cushioning for additional comfort and are handmade in India. They are unidirectional, so they will take the shape of your feet over time. Please treat them with the same love with which they were made by caring for them as recommended in our Care Section.